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Do I Need Fluorocarbon To Catch Tarpon?

Author: Bullbuster Team

Fluorocarbon for tarpon fishing:

tarpon fishing from a paddleboard

Over the years many people have asked us whether they need fluorocarbon to catch Tarpon.  The short answer is no, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t help!

 Advantages Of Fluorocarbon For Tarpon Fishing

Many anglers don’t use fluorocarbon and catch Tarpon, but there are many advantages that of fluorocarbon that these Tarpon fishermen may be missing out on. 

  1. Abrasion Resistance-  Fluorocarbon is a lot harder then monofilament because the plastic it is made from is A LOT harder than regular monofilament.  More abrasion resistance your line will last longer against the sand paper like mouths of Tarpon. 
  2. Visibility -  Fluorocarbon is a lot more dense then monofilament which lets light pass through it more easily.  This means that it is virtually invisible underwater.  If the Tarpon bite has been slow and the water is clear, try switching to fluorocarbon. 

Want To Learn More About Choosing Your Fishing Line For Tarpon?

Bullbuster Ambassador and marine artist Alex Wexler with a nice Tarpon on Bullbuster Mono

We wrote this article for those who are spooling up their setup to catch tarpon. This is a quick read that will tell you exactly what you should buy to target tarpon. 

What Braided Fishing Line Should I Use?

We recommend using 50-65Lb braid for fishing for tarpon. You can fish 20-30Lb braid if fishing for tarpon in the 10-30Lb range. 

Get The Braided Line Capacity For Your Specific Reel Or Reels Here

What Monofilament Fishing Line Should I Use?

We recommend 25-30Lb monofilament for tarpon fishing if you want to fish mono.  However we feel that braid is a lot more effective for tarpon fishing since it will allow you to put the pressure you need on the fish with lighter tackle (quick releases make for healthy releases).

Find Out How Much Monofilament Fishing Line You Need For Your Specific Reel Or Reels

What Monofilament Leader Material Should I Use?

For days when the bite is slow scale back to 40Lb mono leader , but for most days we recommend keeping 50,60, and 80lb leader material in your tackle bag. 

What Fluorocarbon Leader Material Should I Use?

Fluorocarbon can make a big difference when the tarpon bite is slow. For days when the bite is slow scale back to 40Lb fluorocarbon, but for most days we recommend keeping 50,60, and 80lb fluoro in your tackle bag. 

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