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DIY Sabiki Rod For Less Than $10.00

Author: Bullbuster Team

Make Your Own Sabiki Rod Project

Its amazing what innovations can come out of a garage with even a few tools in it.   This video series is by a Youtuber  Ron from Southern California who started a youtube channel around DIY fishing called "Downsail - Rons Fishing Tips & Tricks".   

Great Project To Work On With Your Kids Who Are Getting Into Fishing

Below is a video that is part of a multi part series on this rod.  This video talks about Ron's initial "Pain Point" or frustration that led him to come up with his innovative rod idea.  He found that the traditional sabiki rod was a pain to pull sabikis through it.  He came up with this simple functional design after several prototypes. 

Another Take On The PVC Sabiki Rod Without Ron's Innovation

Below is a another take on the PVC sabiki rod put together by "The Cuban Angler".  In this video "The Cuban Angler" shows you a step by step guide on how to make a PVC sabiki rod. This sabiki rod does not include Ron's innovative approach to make it easier to thread your sabiki rig.   However it is a lot simpler to make.  

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