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DIY Offshore Home Rod Holder

Author: The Tree Guy

DIY Offshore Rod Holder For Less Than $150.00?

Do it yourself rod holder for offshore fishing rods

After a year of searching for the right home rod holder the search is over. We did not want a rod holder that would take up space or that required drilling holes in our wall or ceiling. We have a wonderful holder from "Key Largo Adirondack" for our inshore gear and for our shimano stellas, this holds reels up to a stella 20k with ease. But the problem now arises with our offshore bent butt rods.

Canyon Tunas
There are not that many great rod holders out there for big game reels, doing it yourself is the way to go.

If you are looking at DIY projects, you may be interested ina website called Globo Surf

With our fishery up North some days we will use 50s and 80s in the canyons and then the next we need 130s for Giant Blue fin Tuna. So with the different sized reels we needed something that could be universal. We designed a rod holder that is very easy to make and that is reasonably cheap. The holder is 16' long, 16" wide, and 12" high. We accommodated 16 rod holders in this. 

Canyon Trolling Spread
These Shimano Talicas are our go to trolling and chunking reels for the Canyons. We fill them up with hollow core braid and give them a good monofilament topshot.

We bought "flush mount plastic" rod holders that are 30 degrees from Bass Pro shops. This was about $80 but we had many gift cards so we did not spend any of our own money. We designed the holder out of 2x6's and plywood. As a finishing touch we bed lined the entire thing which will preserve the holder for many years to come. The total was about $150 because the bed lining was free. The rods sit up straight due to the rod holders being 30 degrees. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me!

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