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DIY: Bait Livewell

Author: Arvids Gerulis

How to Build/Construct A Livewell On Your Own & Why Its Important To Have A Livewell

What you will need: 

  - 55 Gallon Drum or any large circular jug.

   - Livewell pump or Livewell kit.            

    - PVC Pipe and accessories parts.        

    - 12 Volt Battery

Before building the livewell it is important to plan it out and adjust everything such as size according to how you want it. The first thing I did was cut my 55 Gallon drum because I only needed it to hold at least 40 Gallons of water. The Livewell Pump I bought was called the Fish Saver and I really liked it because it had built in suction cups so I could stick it anywhere in the Livewell with ease and be able to remove it for cleaning. I then built a spraybar for the pump with 1/2 inch PVC pipe and PVC elbow fitting. The end of the spraybar I put a PVC Cap. I then made 3 horizontal lines about an 1/8 inch thick on the spraybar itself to aerate the water nicely. Then simply fill up the Livewell with water and connect the battery terminals to the battery and test it out and make a few adjustments if needed.

Having a Livewell is very important. Having a Livewell allows you to keep your baits fresh and lively, helps your baits to live longer, and provides better aeration for your baits.If you are going to be transporting baits such as going to a Pier, Deliverying Bait, etc.. it is crucial to have a big Livewell to ensure your baits are nice and lively.

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