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Diesel Engine History Video (Cummins Engines)

Author: Bullbuster Team

Below is a great video on the history of Cummins Engines posted by the Youtube Channel "Jack's Chrome Shop". 

Great Insights From The Video

Clessie Cummins was the founder of the Cummins Motor company. He was aided with capital from his boss William Irwin a local banker. 

In 1918 they secured a contract to build and sell Dutch RMV'd engines in the US. Cummins engine was awarded two patents in 1921 for improved fuel efficiency and manifold technology. 

The F model soon became available in the famous SEARS catalog and was used heavily in the farming industry. These engines would be used heavily and often returned due to the SEARS return policy.  

Cummins looked to enter the car market and the over-the-road truck market. They exhibited the first Diesel Powered Car across the street from the Atlantic City Car Show since they were not allowed in the show. 

He embarked on a journey with a Cummins-powered truck from NY to LA in 97 hours to show the power of the engine. 

The same year the Cummins-powered truck crossed the country Cummins entered a diesel-powered car in the Indianapolis 500. 

The Cummins Model H 672 was used in busses, over the road trucks, and military vehicles in a number of shapes and sizes. 

Cummins was a supplier in WWII. In WWII cummins supplied thousands of generators for Navy Ships.  They also supplied engines for trucks during the war. 

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