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Deploying Baits From Water Crafts

Author: Lalo Jake Ojedas

Texas Land Based Shark Fishing (LBSF): Prepping to drop Baits from watercraft

Most surf fishermen tend to cast from the beach or off the sandbars, which is more convenient when you don’t have a kayak, zodiac, inflatable raft, jetski or some sort of water craft to deploy heavy baits. Most shark fishermen are using whole stingrays, Jack Cervalles and other legal species that are legal to use as bait. Trying to launch a whole stingray or jack can be very difficult so LBSF tend to use a watercraft to help deploy the baits a couple hundred yards from the beach to deeper waters.

Shark Fishing From Land

When adding the bait, weights, leader, and line being pulled off the reel this could be difficult. So things needed when deploying baits on the kayak:

What You Need For Deploying LBSF Baits Safely 

·    Kayak

·    Paddles

·    Life Vest

·    Walkie-Talkies (waterproof pouch)

·    Multiple knifes/ cutting tools

·    Partner

Fishing From The Beach For Sharks In Texas

Know these things come all together to help you kayak and be safe while doing so. Always wear a life vest no matter what type of fishing you are doing on a watercraft. Your own life is more important than fishing. Now walkie-talkies are awesome tools to have when deploying baits because it helps the angler navigate out at sea to go a certain direction and not cross other lines or on top of other lines. Also helps them to know when the lines need to be drop and the line capacity that has been take off the reels and that’s where always having a partner comes in handy to help you do all this. The cutting tools are a must for if the person on the watercraft were to flip and role into the lines that are being taken out he/she can instantly grab the cutting tools and just cut the lines and save themselves from drowning or getting a hook in themselves.

This sport of fishing can be dangerous but I can tell you personally its one adrenaline rush once you hook up to a beast of the deep.

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