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Deal With Fishing The Beach/Bay Or On A Holiday

Author: Ryan Carson

5 Ways To Deal With Holiday Fishing Mayhem

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Finally you have a day off of work. You grab all of your gear pack it up and rush to your favorite fishing spot and as you arrive you see it is shoulder to shoulder with fisherman and swimmers. For those of you who do make that brave trip down there to fish on Holidays you have seen it. Even if you do find a place to fish on the beach or a pier most likely you won’t be alone long. This happens every time and it can be very frustrating for those of you who might not be able to go fishing all the time. There are some solutions to this to help you get your fishing time in.

1) Google maps can be a huge help in finding an off the path place to fish. Using google maps to look for secluded areas in back bays can be a great way to get away from the crowds of people who have flocked to the Beach for the Holiday. With doing this though make sure you aren’t trespassing on private property.

2) Wading into the water- Another way to get away fromthe crowds is to wade into the water this way you can move to areas that may not have straight accessfor someone to park their car and get out to fish. Some of my favorite spots are found this way. You can also wade out to the first sandbar to get away from the people standing on the beach. This is normally easier in the summer months unless you have waders or a wet suit.

3) Renting a boat- This is another solution that will allow you to get away from people. There will still be a lot of boats on the water but you can position yourself away from them to have some peace and quiet fishing time. (when renting a boat make sure you understand the rules and proper etiquette of boating)

Using these three methods I listed above will help you get away from all the chaos where it will be harder to land fish. They also could help you for future spots that you may visit more frequently. While using all three of the strategies above you are basically scouting new locations while you are doing it.

Two other options are to Charter a boat or get on a Head/Party Boat.

4) Charter a Boat- There is plenty of Charter Captains that run trips from March-December here in NJ. This is also another great option if you have 4-6 guys that want to do a trip together. I would suggest trying to book these trips very early as most of the good captains fill their schedule very quickly.

5) Head/Party Boat- This is another option but I would use it as a last resort as you will run into the same problem you run into with the crowds on the beach.

Also if you plan to fish new Inlets or Jetties make sure reference my previous article of How to Fish Inlets and Jetties-

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