How To:

Customize Your Own Offshore Gear

Author: Ryan Carson

There is something special when you put the time into creating something on your own. It becomes really special when you can put it to use and have success catching fish with it. 

How to make a Daisy Chain.

You only need a few things to create your own daisy chains for offshore fishing.

-Bullbuster Grander Leader and matching Bullbuster Crimps (From Bullbuster)

-a bird

-decoys (skirted birds) (from Upskirt Lures)

-a stinger or chaser (from Upskirt Lures)

-a good quality hook.

To start I take about 6-7 foot of Bullbuster Grander Leader. Than I line up the pieces I would like to use for the daisy chain. For my 4 piece daisy chains I like to start a 450# barrel swivel followed with the bird at the very top. My next two pieces are skirted birds. The first bird and the two skirted birds are all about  1 foot apart. After the bird and the skirted birds I use a crimp to stop them from sliding together. The last thing I do is measure out about 2-2.5 feet to the stinger/ chaser. Then I use a 4X Strong stainless steel 9/0 tuna hook. 

Once everything is put together I do a stress test on the rig to make sure everything holds up the way it should. The last thing you ever want to happen is to lose a big fish over a tackle failure due to you not double checking your work. This is very important and should never be skipped. It only counts if you can boat the fish. No one wants to hear the fish story about the one that got away.

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