How To:

Cook Your Bluefish (Best Recipes On The Web For Bluefish)

Author: Bullbuster Team

How To Cook A Bluefish 101

Tons Of Bluefish Recipes To Choose From

If you fish the bays and reefs near states like FloridaTexas, or Louisiana, chances are you have run into  a good number of these feisty suckers. Below you will find a BUNCH of different ways to cook your Bluefish using the best videos on the web.  We put them all in one place so you can go back and forth between them, or try all of them at different times. 

"We would rather use recipes from fishermen"

 While we have been writing this series of articles, we have often had to use videos from professional chefs instead of fishermen; we would rather be use recipes from fishermen so if you have a catch, clean, and cook video you would like to submit to this article, simply e-mail us at


** If you already know how to fillet your fish SCROLL DOWN FOR THE RECIPES **

Below chef Tony Maws posted the following videos on his youtube channel for filleting Bluefish.  As both a proffesional chef and a fisherman, Tony puts together a great presentation.

Part 1: 

Part 2:  Key points: 1) Let the knife do the work for you.  2) Second side is the hardest 3) The key philosophies in the video apply to filleting most fish.

How To Make Smoked Bluefish:

Check out this awesome catch and cook video posted by Youtuber "Shawn Kimbro" on how to make a mean Maryland style smoked bluefish.  This video is excellent because it goes in depth into the process breaking it down into 3 steps.

How To Fry Bluefish:

Below Youtuber "Joe Chef" shows us how to fry up a mean bluefish fillet!

How Cook Your Bluefish In The Oven: 

Below is a great HEARTY recipe for bluefish and potatoes posted by Youtuber "Helen Rennie"


Below is another version of the bluefish and potato recipe posted by the "Kettlebottom" Youtube channel.

Below is a great recipe posted by Youtuber "Staten Island Advance" on how to to cook your bluefish in the oven:

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