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â€Comparing Inshore Fishing In South Florida To Southern California Inshore Fishing

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Inshore Fishing In SOCAL VS. South Florida

South Florida fishing and Southern California are quite similar in some ways, and completely different in other ways.  Below we explore some of the similarities and differences between fishing in South Florida and Southern California. 

  • Bonefish : 

This elusive gray ghost the bonefish lives in both South Florida’s Biscayne Bay and Southern California’s San Diego Bay.  Bonefish in South Florida in Florida area larger and plentiful however than their Southern California cousins. 

  • Target Species: 

The main target species in South Florida and Southern California are very different.  In Southern California the main target species for inshore fisherman is bass such as spotted bass, calico bass, sand bass and halibut where as in South Florida the main target species is Snapper, Sea Trout, and Snook. 

  • Large gamefish:

South Florida wins on the large game fish category with the Silver King weighing up to 200lbs. Southern California has two main targeted large inshore fish, the Yellowtail and the White Sea Bass that do not top 100Lbs. 

  • Water Temperature:

    The water temperature in Southern California is much colder with the average water temperature in San Diego Bay being in the lower 60 degrees (Fahrenheit) while the average water temperature in Biscayne Bay in South Florida is in the upper 70 degrees (Fahrenheit).

  • Mangroves vs. Kelp Forests

The major environment for South Florida fish is sea grass and mangrove tree roots, while in Southern California it is seagrass and Kelp Forests. 

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