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Coiling Your Pre-Made Leaders

Author: Bullbuster Team

Ways To Coil Your Pre-made Leaders & Things To Consider

If you have read other articles on the Bullbuster community, you've probably seen that we strongly encourage making "grab and go bags".  One of the most essential components of the grab and go bag is the pre-made leader.  In this article we will talk about how to coil your leaders and things to consider when doing so. 

5 Ways To Secure The Coil Of Your Pre Made Leaders

1) Use wraps to secure your leader - Using this method, you put together your coils and then take the part of your leader with the hook and wrap it three times around the actual coil.  After doing this you may want to put your pre-made leader in a plastic bag. 

2) Use rigging bands to secure your leaders -  Once you have made the coils take a rigging band and use it to secure your leader coil. 

3) Use plastic zip ties to secure your leader - zip ties work better for larger leaders (like  leaders for trolling or live baiting for BIG GAME Fish) since with heavy monofilament leader material will give you enough space to clip the zip tie when you are ready to fish. 

4) Use plastic bread ties to secure your leader -  using plastic bread ties is an excellent way to secure your leader because it makes it extremely easy to open up once you are ready to fish the leader.  

5) Use A Yoyo To Secure Your Leaders -  Yoyo's are great for storing many of the same leaders. Simply attach the hook of one leader to the loop of the next one. 

Pre-Made Sailfish Leaders
Bullbuster Ambassador L&H Sportfishing took advantage of Hurricane Irma to get ready for sailfish season.

5 Things To Consider When Making Pre-Made Leaders

1) Make sure you make large enough coils -  When you are making a pre-made leader, make sure that your coils are large enough.  If you make your coils too small you may find there to be too much memory in your leader when you go to fish. 

2) Store your leaders in a place out of the sun - the suns UV rays are not only harmful to your skin but they are also detrimental to monofilament fishing line. 

3) Don't put too many leaders in one package or one yoyo - When you are out on the water, almost everything gets wet and salty.  Try to only pull out a few pre-made leaders at a time out of a dry space, otherwise you may end up with a ton of corroded pre-made leaders, and a lot of your time wasted. 

We hope that you enjoyed this article on the Bullbuster Community and that it helps you spend more time fishing.  To join a movement, get a hold of your brand direct fishing line.