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Clear 3Lb Spools Of Monofilament Fishing Line

Author: Bullbuster Team

Buy Clear 3Lb Spools Of Monofilament Fishing Line Online

On we carry 3Lb spools of clear monofilament fishing line from 20Lb - 40Lb test.  These bulk spools of clear monofilament are excellent for charter boat operations, serious weekend warriors, and tournament fishermen.  Below is our selection of 3Lb spools of clear mono and below that is a link to an article where you can find a list of spooling machines that will make spooling from these bulk spools A LOT Faster. 

3Lb Spools Of Clear Monofilament Fishing Line

Our Selection Of Clear 3Lb Spools Of Monofilament Fishing Line

Clear 3Lb Spool Of 20Lb Clear Monofilament Fishing Line

Diameter: 0.40mm

Yardage: 6,726 yards

Clear 3Lb Spool Of 30Lb Clear Monofilament Fishing Line

Diameter: 0.45mm

Yardage: 6,626 yards

Clear 3Lb Spool Of 40Lb Clear Monofilament Fishing Line

Diameter: 0.60mm

Yardage: 4,013 yards

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Spooling Your Reels From Home (Scroll Down To See The Spooling Machines)

The article above goes into depth on spooling your fishing reel from home, the most relevant section of this article related to 3Lb spools of mono is the section that has a list of spooling machines that may make your life a heck of a lot easier if you are spooling bulk monofilament on a ton of reels. 

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