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Choosing Between Monofilament And Braid Fishing Line

Author: Will Keen

Braid Vs. Monofilament

Hey guys, 

This article is going to be a quick overview of Braid vs. Mono - some of the pros and cons and my opinion on each.  

Monofilament Fishing Lines

So first, mono - the "tried and true" and the go to for many anglers.  Personally, I believe monofilament is the most versatile option of the two for offshore/big-game fishing.  Especially when using outriggers, downriggers, or kite-fishing, mono is the line to use.  Unlike braid, it is much less likely to tangle when it is clipped into an outrigger, downrigger, or kite line.   With monofilament/fluorocarbon, you also get stretch in the line.  This stretch can be a pro or a con, depending on the situation.  When big game fishing, stretch allows for some shock resistance so that the full strength of the fish isn't felt on the rod, the boat (if the rod is in the rod holder), or the angler.  At the same time, in scenarios where you are throwing plugs or stickbaits (especially with spinning tackle), the stretch in monofilament can sometimes prevent one's ability to set the hook as well as with braid.  

Braided Fishing Lines

Braid, on the other hand, gives a much more direct connection to the fish (since it doesn't stretch much).  For this reason, braid is my go to line when fishing artificials, from big stickbaits and plugs offshore, to fishing more finesse lures inshore, in addition to jigging (offshore or inshore).  One big factor to watch out for with braid is wind knots.  Braid can tangle into hard-to-solve knots much more easily than monofilament (although, in my experience, mono kinks more).  The frequency of such knots occurring is directly linked to the quality of the line - good quality line tangles much less than poor quality line.  Thus, choosing good line like BullBuster will definitely pay off.  

Nonetheless, in many cases, the dilemma between monofilament and braid comes down to personal preference and your own experience.  Experiment as much as you can between the two, and, ultimately, go with what works best for you and the type of fishing you prefer.  I hope my brief explanation above is helpful for those of you trying to figure out which to use in different situations.  If you have any additional questions, feel free to leave a message below!

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