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Choosing Between Green & Yellow Braided Fishing Lines

Author: Bullbuster Team

Choosing Between Green Braided Fishing Line & Yellow Braided Fishing Line

The video below talks about why you would want to use one color over the other. 

When To Use Green Braided Fishing Line

Green braid is one of the most popular colors for braided fishing lines. While you can use it for almost anything, the best applications of this braid is for inshore fishing, bay fishing, and inlet fishing. 

When To Use Yellow Braided Fishing Line

Yellow braided fishing line is great because it is HI-VIZ.  This means that you can see it making it great for fishermen who fish on teams, facilitating better communication. It is great for casting towards trees since you can stop it before it hits them, its also great for deep dropping and swordfishing since it is easy to see where your line is and you will therefore stay on top of it better. 

Why Teams Should Use Yellow Fishing Lines

In the video below we talk about why teams should use yellow fishing lines. 

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