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Cheap Homemade Shrimp Bait

Author: Team Hitman LBSF

Easy Way To Catch Some Live Shrimp!

So I decided this past friday I wanted to go out and try catch some shrimp with my cast net on saturday. The only problem with that was the weather! It was beautiful not a cloud in the sky but felt like my shrimp spot was also Satans swimming pool. I knew I didn't want to be there any longer than necessary. So friday night I headed out to the local walmart to see what I could come up with.

I've heard of people using fish meal to make shrimp attractant unfortunately for me the local walmart did not have any so I settled for some seafood flavored catfood, it's made of fish meal and fish oil right? Close enough anyway. I also picked up a few cans of tuna flavored canned catfood and a canister of plain oatmeal to help hold some scent as well as a five gallon bucket with a lid.

How To Set Up To Catch Some Shrimp!

First, step empty your bag of cat food into the bucket and add water until all the cat food is in water it floats so you may have to push it down. 

Next, add your canned cat food and mix it all up be sure to break up the canned food.

Last, step is to add the oatmeal and mix it in thoroughly 

Once its mixed up well place the lid on and let it sit overnight by morning it will be a chunky disgusting paste. 

Now as I said before the cat food floats so you're going to need a way to keep it on the bottom where you are planning to fish. I used a mesh laundry bag with a 2 lb weight in it. Just tie a string to it and toss it in, i waited about 20 minutes before i started casting to let the shrimp gather around the bait.

I noticed a good increase in the numbers of shrimp per cast with the bait as opposed to previous trips without. Also caught a few crabs as well as other small baitfish that were all thrown back. 

Within an hour I had a plenty of shrimp to put up for bait as well as a few to serve up with dinner.

Supplies list

*  small bag seafood flavored catfood 

* 3 cans of tuna or seafood flavored catfood 

* 1 large canister of plain oatmeal 

* 5 gallon bucket with lid

* something to hold bait on bottom (mesh bag with weight, PVC tube with holes, be creative)

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