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Catching/Cooking Stone Crabs

Author: Arvids Gerulis

Catch & Cook Your Own Trap Caught Stonecrabs!

Stone Crab season opened up on October 15th and runs through May 15th of next year. The legal size requirement to harvest a claw has to be 2 3/4 inches from the elbow tip to tip of claw. You are allowed to harvest both claws but it recommended to take one to give the crab a better chance at survival and to grow a new claw. Stone Crabs are perhabs florida most sought after seafood in the market and are expensive everywhere you go depending on size of claw you get. So being able to get these tasty claws yourself if always better.

Trap Caught Stone Crab

Catching Stone Crabs can either be done by using trap method or catching them by hand for you crazy people out there. I like using the trap method either a wire crab trap, plastic Stone crab trap, or a wooden Stone crab trap. Be sure to follow the FWC requirements for traps and how many you can have based on your county and where you live. Bait the traps with either pigs feet or any fish carcasses or cut bait you can get, Stone Crabs love it all. I like to place my traps in deeper water in about 5-12 feet of water or even offshore where most commercial guys set there traps. But look for good bottom structure as if you were bottom fishing cuz Stone Crabs love structure like any fish.

How To Make Your Own Stonecrab Trap

Cooking Stone Crabs is not that hard and you do not want to put them on ice only after the claws have been cooked. Boil the claws for about 10 minutes and ice them down to be served chilled. Stone Crab goes really good with any type of mustard Sauce or butter. Serve chilled and enjoy.

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