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Sawfish are probably one of the most unusual type of fish that live in Florida, they resemble a Shark in apperance except for the tooth covered bill that extends from their nose. The Sawfish has gills on the bottom of their head rather than on the sides like a shark and most fish, they are probably more like a Stingray than a Shark for this reason.  I have caught Sawfish occasionally every few years or so growing up in Southwest Florida, but it was only in the last year that I figured out how to catch them with more frequency. I would see them in my canal using their Saw-toothed bill to swipe at mullet in a violent circular motion, that clued me in as to what they were eating. Mullet and Catfish are my go to baits, typically I use live bait cut just before casting the bait out. The tackle is essentially the same you would use for Tarpon or maybe oversize River Snook and you will catch both Snook and Tarpon as by catch while targeting Sawfish. 50-60 pound test fluorocarbon leaders and bigger size circle hooks work perfect larger size cut baits. Sawfish like muddy bottom canals and flats, and are typically caught more frequently in Fall and Winter.

Smalltooth Sawfish are freaks of nature, they resemble a Lemmon Shark and a hedge trimmer combined with a Stingray.

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