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Catching Pinfish The Easy Way

Author: Capt. Kyle Skipper

Catch Pinfish For Bait

Hey guys its Captain Kyle Skipper and I am going to show you how I catch pinfish. First off I am not a huge fan of a cast net due to the fact that my boat is usually full of people when I go fishing and there just isn't enough room to properly throw a net on my boat. I do however enjoy fishing with live and cut pinfish so I use a little different technique to catch my pinfish.

Thing you will need:

A very light fishing pole

light fishing line ( I use Bullbuster 20 pound  monofilament)

Leader Line ( I use Bullbuster 20 pound Fluorocarbon leader which is a little overkill but I away have it on my boat)

A small cork * nothing fancy I normally use the little basic red and white clip on bobbers that you can get from just about any tackle shop

small hooks * I usually use a small gold basic j hook in a 16 to 10 size depending on what size pinfish you would like to target

Tiny piece of bait * I use leftover gulp pieces but others use squid

How to make it work.

This is a very difficult  and time consuming technique so pay close attention

Tie your bobber onto your braided line (I recommend either a uni knot or a palomar knot)

next tie on a piece of leader the length that will make your hook sit fairly close to the bottom but not quite touch * if fishing in deeper water a pinch on weight can be added to get the hook to the desired depth but attach it at least 6 inches above the hook to allow it to flow more naturally

Next tie on your hook * Palomar knot which is way overkill but I am not the kind of guy who memorizes 500 knots I use three knots for everything I do but that will be another article.

Now the really hard part - cut off a piece of bait (I normally use a piece of leftover gulp that has been torn to pieces) just large enough to cover the end of your hook.

Then throw it in the water

If there are pinfish in the area I am certain that you will catch plenty. This is also a fun way to keep the young ones busy on the boat. If I ever have a charter where I take out young kids I always prepare extra pinfish rods for just this thing. I put them to work doing my job and they don't even realize it. Normally an adult or two will want to get in on all the action too.

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