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Catching Groupers Off Bridges

Author: Arvids Gerulis

How To Locate Gag Groupers On Bridges And What Is The Best Bait And Tackle To Use 

Grouper fishing off bridges in the west coast of Florida is a popular type of fishing and especially now while season is open. Almost every bridge in Tampa Bay or the entire west coast holds grouper. Due to the fact of structure and rocks. Also the current can bring in bait which makes it an easy target for grouper and other big fish.

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You can locate Grouper by finding the rocky areas of bridges and places where it drops off to deeper water. These places are perfect places for big Groupers to hide and rock you so it is important to use the right tackle to pull these fish up. 

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My favorite setup is to use a conventional reel and rod spooled with at least 50lb mono. You can also use a spinning reel usually 6000 size series or larger. The leader I like to use is either 60-80 pound Bullbuster Monofilament or Flourocarbon leader matched with a 5/0 or larger hook. For the Grouper I like to use big baits such as pinfish, pigfish, blue runners, and other large baits. You can use a lead sinker weight to get your bait down where needed if current is ripping hard or free line a nice juicy bait and wait for the thump.

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