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Catching Blacktips In The Keys

Author: The Shark Boys

Fishing For Sharks Off Of Florida Keys Bridges

Blacktip Shark Caught Off A Florida Keys Bridge

This winter we spent a few weeks in the keys in order to escape the cold. after talking to a friend who lives down in south Florida we were told about how many black tip sharks hang out around the bridges there. So we decided to go mess around with them. The way we targeted them was with balloon rigs and fresh bait. we used balloons about three feet up from the single strand wire, This kept the bait on the surface in the fast moving current. We seemed to have the most success when we let the baits float about 50 yards away from the bridge we were fishing. 

One of the best parts about having the bait on the surface was that the tippers would come up about 25 feet back and you could watch the fin home in on your bait before the reel would start screaming. The baits that we put out were pretty much anything we could catch that day. Big grunts, keeper snapper, barracuda, jack crevalle, and horse eyed jack were all great baits. once the bait was in the area we suspected the black tips to be hanging out in, it typically took about 5 minutes to get picked up.

This was the easiest shark fishing I've ever done, it was nice to go home dry after catching 10+ sharks that night. monofilament line is the featured product because with all the reefs and bridges in the keys it is EXTREMELY easy to be cut off, its very important to use a. long topshot of mono down there.

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