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Catching Cownose Rays For Shark Bait (LSBF)

This article is about the best bait for land based shark fishing, using cownose sting rays. One of the best ways to catch cownose is to use a large treble hook and a 1oz weight. Wear polarized sunglasses so you can spot them cruising the beach. Once you see a school don't cast into them or they will spook, cast in front and past the school and jerk the treble hook through them.

Another way to catch cownose is with cut bait. Cut mullet and whiting work the best but if you can only get finger mullet then pack 3 on the hook. The best rig for cut bait is a simple fish findsr rig with bullbuster 50lb fluorocarbon and an 8/0 J hook. When you get picked up let the fish run in freespool for 30 seconds then set the J hook in his stomach. The reason you let them eat for so long is they have odd mouths that don't take a hook well so you have to let them swallow it. If you see a school of them and you don't have a large treble hook then look for a casting spoon and rip it through the school. You might even hook a bluefish or a spanish mackerel. Cownose are awesome fighters on light tackle. I once hooked one on a 3000 size diawa with 300 yards of20lb bullbuster braid and boy was I glad I had 300 yards. I saw the bottom of the spool before I finally stopped him and it was only 25lbs. I landed a 45lb cownose on my Penn senator 4/0 and he didn't want to come anywhere near the dock.

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