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Catch Sandtigers From The Jersey Shore

Author: The Shark Boys

Landbased Shark Fishing From The Jersey Shore

In a few months, Jersey shark fishing will start back up again and while we prefer going to Florida for monster hammers, we are excited to get back to shark fishing the jersey beaches. To begin, shark fishing in New Jersey is EXTREMELY different than shark fishing in Florida. In Jersey, the two most abundant sharks are the sandtiger and sandbar shark. The sand tigers we have appear bigger, and meaner looking than our sandbar sharks, but however they are a pretty docile shark. 

Species We Mostly Catch

- Sandbar Sharks

- Sand Tiger Sharks

New Jersey Shark Fishing

Getting Your Bait Out For New Jersey Sharks From The Beach

Fishing for sand tigers is easy to do if you have the right equipment. First, we kayak out our baits. We tend to get more sand tiger bites when we drop far out. This is way we use such big reels, because we need the line capacity.

Tackle Needed For New Jersey Sharks From The Beach


Honestly, you can catch sand tigers on much smaller reels (You'd probably only need a 4/0 if you didn't need to paddle out so far). These sharks do not really fight. The videos you see of screaming drags, would never end of being a sand tiger shark. To be honest, most of the time we don't even know they are there. However, it is fun to get that massive shark that looks scary with its big teeth on land. 

Hooks & Rigs For New Jersey Sharks

Next, circle hooks tend to work better because like I said you don't really see a run, with the circle hook, the shark is able to hook itself without getting gut hooked. Moreover, the ocean is rough in Jersey. We normally do not have many days where the ocean has no waves or current, with that being said you'd need a weight that will be able to hold. We used to 16 oz pyramid weights, but now we recently started to make our own spider weights. These work way better in our opinion. Finally, make sure you use a decent sized rub leader, about 15 feet long. For more information, you can DM us on our instagram

The Shark Boys 

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