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Catch & Cook Whiting

Author: #TeamDorsal

  That's a stud whiting y'all! --- the perfect size for tacos. Yes whiting is a delicious white meat that can be served great if properly cooked. My wife has some of the best recipes when it comes to this delicious fish. First things first though ; you gotta catch them. Let me walk you through a couple quick tips & tricks to get you there. First you want to use a double drop surf/pompano rig. One with floats to help keep your bait away from the leader and have proper presentation. You want bright colors when it comes to targeting them. I like orange and yellow fishbites or fishgum. Preferable fishgum because it doesn't have that annoying paper in it that you have to cut off your hooks afterwards. If you try pulling the paper off the hook it can straighten your hook. Another reason why I prefer fish gum over fishbites. Put you a 3oz to 4oz pyramid weight on the end of your double drop rig. I like to use 30lb bullbuster mono to build my rigs it works great. Then get you some sandfleas put them on the hook followed by your small piece of fishgum and cast out. I like to find a spot where the current is going out and cast on the outsides of it. This is where these whiting will search for any unexpected prey being washed out by the rip current. When catching whiting if you can find them start targeting all your baits in that general area. Whiting will travel up and down the shoreline on and behind that first sand bar in big schools. Usually when you start catching one you start catching alot more very quickly. Doubling up on them is a fun time and once you get you about 10 you are about good for a nice fish fry. Below is a easy recipe to help get your started. Goodluck and have fun. #TeamDorsal 


Whiting fillets
All-purpose flour
Lemon pepper
Dried dill
Garlic powder
Black pepper
Canola oil for frying


Season the fish with a blend of lemon pepper, salt, dried dill, garlic powder, and black pepper. Sprinkle the fillets with half of the seasoning. Mix the remaining spice into the flour.

Dredge the seasoned fish in the seasoned flour and set it on a tray to rest while the oil heats. Heat about 1 ½ to 2 cups of canola oil in a cast-iron skillet to 325 degrees. Pan-fry the fish on both sides until golden and crispy.

Drain the fish on paper towels or a wire rack. Serve immediately.

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