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Catch And Cook Cobia

Author: Albert Acosta

Catch & Cook Cobia Recipe

Succulent and Saucy 

Cook and Catch Cobia
Delicious Cobia Recipe

I love fishing but one other thing I love just as much is cooking and eating my fresh fish I catch! There is nothing like catching and cooking your catch and sharing it with friends and family. I am truly spoiled I can only eat fresh fish...once you cook and eat fresh fish it's hard to eat it any other way. The other day after a great day of fishing out in the Gulf with good friends we took home some freshly caught cobia. Now let me tell you something cobia is one of my favorite fish to catch and eat. They are powerful hard fighters and they are absolutely a delicious fish to eat. Cobia is one of my top five fish to eat without question. So I thought I would share my favorite cobia dish with you guys. I fillet the cobia then cut into nice square chunks about four to five inch pieces. I the new season both sides with adobo it's a Spanish seasoning we use down here in South Florida....I'm Cuban people :) Once both sides of every piece are seasoned  I get some fresh garlic cloves and minced them. I then make a lemon butter sauce with fresh lemons, parsley, and real butter. I heat up a pan with a thin layer of extra virgin olive oil enough to cook the cobia pieces I'm cooking. I heat up pan with the olive oil and fresh garlic then place my cobia chunks in the pan. Once they are cooking a few minutes on each side is all it will take till they get a little golden brown. 

Cobia Golden Brown
Magic Time!

Once you got the cobia golden brown you can finish the lemon butter sauce. I like to eat my fish with just some salad and a nice pice of fish next to it. Then just a little lemon butter sauce on top and it's showtime!

Cobia with Lemon Butter Sauce

It is truly a delicious fish! I made short video of me cooking it. Hope you enjoyed my article! Remember get out there and fish.... then cook your catch! Spend more time fishing and order your fishing line and gear at Cobia caught on Bullbuster 50 lb Braid and 40lb Fluorocarbon

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