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Castable Shark Rig

Author: The Shark Boys

Making A Castable Shark Rig

We started shark fishing the same way most people start, by casting off the beach. This article is going to be to inform people new to the start how to create strong shark fishing rigs for casting off the beach. We've had success with these rigs for everything sandbar sharks, to black tips, and sand tigers. Casting off of the beach is the easiest and simplest way to catch sharks. 

Castable Shark Rig

Materials For Making Your Own Castable Shark Rig

80-100lb mono

#19 wire

300lb swivel

Fish finder or sliding weight clip

Hook Of Choice (See Choosing Your Shark Hook)

How To Make Your Castable Shark Rig

Step 1)  Haywire twist your hook to a single piece of number 19 wire. We like to use a short wire trace so that the bait and weight are close together, helping to eliminate "helicoptering" and to get a further cast. 8 inches of wire is plenty. Haywire twist the other end to the 300lb swivel.

Step 2) Tie the mono to the other end of the swivel using a fisherman's knot. Pull out about ten feet of mono and cut it off.

Step 3) Slide on your sliding weight clip.

Step 4) To connect this whole rig to your main line I strongly suggest the FG knot as it is the strongest mono to braid knot and slides through the guides due to its streamline nature. 

Step 5)  Bait up! With this rig smaller baits are best such as half a bunker or a spanish mackerel head. (See Best Baits For Shark Fishing)

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