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Carp Fishing - San Antonio Power Plant Lakes

Author: Christopher Meza

Winter fishing our local area has been slow and we decided that we should target carp. I had attempted this awhile back with some homemade bait in the summer time last year but the bait I created would dissolve too fast in the summer and didn’t last with all the bait in the lake. Wintertime solves that issues since the bait is stacked up in deeper water and water temps are cooler so our bait does not dissolve as fast.

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Carp fishing is fun yet simple to do because you don’t need any fancy gear to catch these magnificent fighting fish and which is another reason why we enjoyed carp fishing because these fish fight the entire time and pull some Drag. My Personal Best Carp at Brauning Lake comes in at 33in. when im carp fishing i maybe throw 30 yards or less from the bank and i was surprised to catch this catfish on the Strawberry banana bolies. 

Below is a detailed video of how we make our bait! At most this will cost you 6$ but if you decide to buy pure vanilla extract then expect price to go up a couple of dollars.

This video is the rig we use and shows you what size hook and terminal tackle are needed for the rig I like to use.

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