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Can Fish See Your Fishing Line?

Author: Bullbuster Team

Do Fish See Your Fishing Line?

Fish have varying eye sight, so some fish see your line better than others.  Even if a fish see's the line it may still hit your bait, unless it has become accustomed to seeing baits thrown at it. This is often the case when you are fishing near large urban areas.  

So What Can You Do To Reduce The Chances Of A Fish Seeing Your Line?

Thinner lines are less visible to fish. The thinner the line you use, the better from this standpoint.  If you are connecting your hook directly to your main fishing line, it is a good idea to use clear fishing line.  If you you are using a high visibility line such as yellow, it is a good idea to connect a leader to your line.  

What Fishing Line Is The Least Visible To Fish?

Fluorocarbon fishing lines are the least visible to fish since they are much denser than monofilament fishing lines.  This lets the light waves pass through this line much faster making it virtually invisible.  Fluorocarbon lines are much more expensive than traditional monofilament fishing lines,this is because you get this extra benefit by using it as a leader material. 

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