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If you are going to buy fishing line online buying brand direct is the way to go. Don't buy your fishing line online at prices that stem from  a 50 years old supply chain or from stores that buy it from brands.  Buy directly from our factory here at Below is a HUGE resource for buying fishing lines. 

Resources For Buying Fishing Lines

How To Find Out What Line You Need For Your Reel - This is a  link to a handy tool that lets you know exactly what line you need for your specific reel. We have collected information on over 800 reels from all of the major reel brands.  Take a look at this tool, it is very handy.  No more need for pulling out a pen and paper or your phone calculator, this tool does all of this for you. 

How To Use DIY Spooling Tools  - This is a link to an article written by our ambassador Double Threat Fishing Charters about how to spool your lines on your boat.  When you buy fishing line online, you want an easy way to spool up at your house or on your boat.  Our tools make this much easier, whether you need help getting line off your reel faster or put it on with ease and at the right tension, we have a spooling tool for you.  

Monofilament fishing lines known to most as “mono fishing lines” are still today one of the most popular types of fishing line. Mono lines are easy to handle and have the give and take to keep your hook firmly set in a fish's mouth. Our monofilament lines have great casting, low memory and , have extreme tensile strength to diameter ratios. 

+ What Mono Do You Need & How Much Do You Need?

Register your reels with us so that we can help recommend you lines, or try our braided backing and mono topshot calculators to do it yourself. We also have a handy tool to help you figure out how much monofilament you need for your reel. We are ready to help you spend more time on the water with our brand direct monofilament lines.

Below are some resources to help you find out how much line you need for your reel:

+ Why Mono Is Awesome? 

+ It Is Easier To Handle Than Braid

Monofilament is softer and more flexible than braid so it is more forgiving on your hands. It is also more conducive to rapid rigging since it does not require fancy tools to cut through it like braid 

+ Monofilament Acts Like A Shock Absorber

Our monofilament has high stretch and low memory. This means it has give and take to let you fight a fish without getting jerked around or tearing a bigger hole in the fish’s mouth and when the pressure releases the line goes back to its original form with little to no trace that it ever stretched. 

+ Monofilaments Thicker Diameter Is Good Around Structure

When you are around structure monofilament’s thicker diameter comes in handy, it means that it can take more of a beating while maintaining more of its strength.  If this is important to you, you may want to use  a heavy leader topshot, or even a wind-on leader.  If you are an intermediate to advanced fisherman you may consider using our hollow core braid to adjust your seamless leader length with ease.

+ It Floats!

While mono does absorb some water it usually remains neutrally buoyant, meaning that it is great for working topwater lures or not messing up the action of any number of lures that have different sinking rates. 

+ It Is The Most Economic Fishing Line

Monofilament is pretty old technology so the methodology of making it has been perfected over time to make you a high quality product at a very affordable cost. Our monofilament is made by combining pellets of several different polymers that are extruded, stretched, and cooled at at optimal levels to bring you a line that catches fish and is simply badass.

+ It Is Really Easy To Tie Knots With

Our mono is designed to not only be easy to tie knots but to hold the strength of those knots when it is needed most. If you want any advice on how to tie knots take a look at our articles on knots. 

+ How People Use Our Mono: 

+ Trolling:

Many people fill their whole reel with monofilament for trolling. The reason for this is monofilament has the give needed for hooking big fish while the boat is still moving forward. Also most people scale their reels to the size fish they are targeting so there is not always a reason to add braided backing. 

+ Kite Fishing:

Very few serious fishermen use anything other than mono for kite fishing. Our monofilament has the abrasion resistance needed to go in and out of kite clips all day and is subtle enough to handle as you pick up or drop your kite lines to keep your baits in the zone or take them away from unwanted bites.

+ Fishing Around Structure: 

Mono is definitely more abrasion resistant than braid around sharp objects. This is simply because of its larger diameter. Having a couple chunks cut out of our mono by sharp structure under pressure is not always an issue, whereas braid is not forgiving around anything sharp. 

+ General Fishing:

If you are looking to fill a reel up for general fishing, monofilament line is the way to go. Braid has been dubbed the new “superline” but mono has been catching fish since the 50’s and there is a reason it is still around (It works!). When using monofilament be sure to check rinse it off after every use and change it after it begins to have some wear and tear or has had too much sunlight. 

+ Monofilament or "Mono" Topshots:

When you fill your reel completely with braid there is very little give and take. Adding a monofilament or â€œmono” topshot can give you some give and take and act as a shock absorber for the tremendous amount of force that comes with a large fishes mass pulling against you at high speeds and with extreme acceleration. This can stop a big fish from jerking you around like a ragdoll and it can also reduce the movement of the hook in the fish’s mouth making it less likely to create a bigger hole in the fish’s mouth which often results in the hook pulling.

+ Land-Based Shark Fishing: 

We strongly recommend a monofilament topshot for land-based shark fishing. We also recommend only kayaking your baits out to expose your monofilament to the water and use your braid as your secret backup. Monofilament line is a hell of a lot more abrasion resistant than braid. When fishing for sharks from the beach, there is often a lot of structure to provide abrasion against your line. There is always something, it can be the reef, rocks, crab pots, and even the constant grinding of the sand against your line. For this reason it is always good to have a fresh mono topshot. This topshot should be replaced on a regular basis as the elements their toll on the line. There are also lots of toothy critters out there such as blacktips, and blue fish that may cut you off. Getting cut off with mono will put a much smaller dent in your wallet. 

If you are a serious shark fisherman looking to break records and win tournaments, you should be replacing your topshot after every several trips or every BIG shark. This is especially true for any line not originally designed for land-based shark fishing like Bullbuster monofilament. 

+ General Big Game Fishing: 

Monofilament or “mono” lines are great for big game fishing as top shots because they are easy to handle and have give. 

+ Just In Case: 

We know that lots of you use just in case braided backing to turn small reels in to beast slaying machines. It is always good to have a monofilament topshot to work with for rapid rig changing, easy handling, and give and take. 

+ When Mono Is Not Your Best Bet:

+ Are You Trying To Get Your Baits Deep? 

If you are trying to get your bait deep with very little weight, or very little scope, monofilament is not your best bet. Pull out the braid here! Mono like mentioned in other places on this page is neutrally buoyant unlike fluorocarbon and braid, and has a thicker diameter than braid, these qualities do not aid you to get your bait deep quick.

+ Do You Need Sensitivity To Feel The Bite?

If sensitivity is what you need to feel the bite, mono is probably not your answer. Remember all that talk in other parts of this page about monos give and take, that is not good for feeling a bite. We recommend braid if you need to feel the bite of a fish that is either very finessed with its hits or you have your bait hundreds of yards away

+ Do You Need Invisible Line?

Monofilament for the most part is pretty translucent underwater, but there are certain situations where you need invisible. If you are fishing extremely clear water, if the bite has shut off, if your target species has excellent eyesight, then head over to our fluorocarbon page.

+ How To Choose The Color Of Your Mono Lines

We carry our monofilament fishing lines in four colors: 

Clear Monofilament Fishing Line


 Clear is our number one selling fishing line. Clear is simple it gets the job done, its definitely translucent.  If you are going to be using a reel for a bunch of different types of fishing, clear is probably the way to go.  If you are going to be making  leaders with your bulk mono, clear is probably the way to go as well.  Bottom line you pretty much can't go wrong with clear fishing line


If you aren't following our tips on how to make your line last longer.  You're clear line, can end up looking like white line.  If you don't rinse it off, you will easily see the salt build up, and any scratches they may have accumulated from using your line for a while without re-spooling or proper care.  

Blue Monofilament Fishing Line 


Blue monofilament lines are great for offshore fishing line, as they blend it with the offshore water.  We have many boats that use our blue mono right off of a 1Lb spool for sailfish leaders (It definitely works because we see their flags flying high).  Blue also can look really nice on your reel depending on its color. 


We tried really hard to come up with a con for blue, but simply couldn't come up with one, sorry.  Blue mono is awesome!  

Pink Monofilament Fishing Line


Pink monofilament is one of most popular colors especially for fishing in South Florida.  Red is the first color to fade out under water so using pink line can improve your chances of getting a strike. 


Like blue, its kind of hard to come up with a con for pink fishing line.  Pink mono is awesome!

Yellow Hi-Vis Monofilament Fishing Line


Yellow hi-vis fishing lines are great for situations where you need to have a big picture, and see all your lines at once.  We get lots of fishermen that use our hi-vis lines for kite fishing so that the whole team can know what is going on when it goes down with a large pod of sails.  It is also great for big game fishing where you are fighting big fish and need team communication.  


The name "hi-vis" says it all.  There are many situations where your hi-vis lines can prevent you from getting a bite because the fish can see your line more easily. We recommend always using either a long mono leader our fluorocarbon when using hi-vis line. 

+ Everything About Braided Fishing Line You Ever Wanted To Know

Braided fishing line, also known to most as “braid” has been steadily gaining ground in the fishing world for the past decade. Braided lines have very little stretch and have extreme strength to diameter ratios when compared to monofilament or fluorocarbon lines. These features make braid an ideal line for long casts, reaching previously unheard of depths and feeling soft bites. Our braid has been designed to be an all around performance braid, with excellent casting, delightful handling, and pure toughness.

+ What & How Much Braid Do You Need?

Register your reels with us so that we can help recommend you lines, or try our braided backing and mono topshot calculators to do it yourself.  Also you can check out the braided line capacity of your reel using our handy tool. We are ready to help you spend more time on the water with our brand direct braided fishing lines delivered directly to your doorstep.

Below are some resources to figure out the braided line capacity of your reel: 

+ Why Is Braided Fishing Line Awesome?

+ It Is Extremely Thin

Braided fishing lines make big game fishing possibly on smaller and smaller reels. You will tire yourself out a heck of a lot less using a small conventional then a bulky 80 or 130wide.

Our braid is a fraction of the diameter of monofilament or fluorocarbon which allows you to pack amazing quantities of heavy line on small reels. Because of this braid has revolutionized big game fishing with light tackle. Anglers are constantly landing bigger and bigger fish with lighter and lighter tackle.

Because it is so thin, it easily cuts through the water and can help you reach great depths. Whereas deep dropping was traditionally done with heavy reels full of monel steel, one can now reach the bottom faster and with less weight. 

+ Braid Has Very Little Stretch

Braided fishing lines have very little stretch compared to mono and fluorocarbon lines. This makes new types of fisheries possible.

Our braid has virtually no stretch. This means it has the sensitivity you need when trying to feel elusive bites. This is great for the soft thump of a a snook, or the distant thrashings of a daytime swordfish.

+ It Lasts For A Long Time

Braid will last much longer on your reel than mono. We recommend spooling at least half of each of your reels with braid so you don't have to fill your reels as often.

Braid, especially when used for backing can last for a long time! When compared to mono or fluoro, braid has a lot less wear and tear. This is because it stretches less and is not subject to weathering from sunlight.

+ How Do People Use Our Braid?

+ Braid For Jigging:

People who like to jig usually fill their whole reels with braid. Braids thin diameter helps your jig reach the bottom with lightning speed. It also allows you feel subtle bites on your way down.

+ Braid For Deep Dropping 

Whether you are fishing an electric reel or a big manual reel, you need braid for deep dropping. There is no other way to avoid big U’s in your line when dropping your baits deeper than 400 feet. Braid will help you get down there, and braid will help you .

+ Braid to Punch Grass For Bass:

Many bass fishermen exclusively use braid for punching grass. Braids thin diameter and extreme strength can be very useful and punching your lure through the grass. If your lure gets stuck, give it a good yank and get back to fishing! The bass fishermen we talked to usually use between 50 and 80Lb braid to tear big bass out of thick grass.

+ Braid For Daytime Swordfishing

We have a lot of ambassadors that are amazing at daytime swordfishing.  You need braid for daytime swordfishing. First you need a line that is going to cut through the water to get your bait down 1500 + feet, then you need the sensitivity to feel the bite when it happens. 

+ Braid For Site Casting:

Our braid is perfect for sight casting because it gets less wind knots then almost any comparable braid. Who wants to see a school of daisy chaining tarpon, or tailing bonefish and loose out your shot to a damn wind knot? We don’t!

+ Braid For General Fishing:

If you are like us and you have some rods that you use for pretty much anything that comes your way. Braid is probably the way to go. Yea it is more expensive than mono but you really can’t beat it when it comes to castability, durability, your ability to pack tons of yards on a tiny reel.

+ When Is Braid Not Your Best Bet?

+ Are You Fishing Around Jagged Structure?

If you are fishing around jagged structure braid is not your best bet unless you are using a significant mono topshot. While braid is insaneley sharp, its thin diameter does not play well together with sharp stuff. 

+ Do You Need Invisible Line?

Always use a leader when using braid, its pretty apparent when you see it in the water that braid is not translucent. 

+ Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Our fluorocarbon is used by serious fishermen to land more fish. Whether you are a tournament winner, or a serious weekend warrior, don’t wait to find out whether the fish are finicky, use fluoro. Our fluorocarbon is available in 50 yard spools to keep in tackle bags or can be purchased in our bulk 500 yard spools of for serious tournament or charter fishermen. Check out our suction cup line holders to dispense fluorocarbon easily from your boat. 

+ Bulk Fluorocarbon

+ Tournament Fishing

Tournament fishermen use our bulk fluorocarbon spools coupled with our suction cup line holders to easily dispense fluorocarbon during fast paced tournaments. When competition is fierce and the bite is slow, you need every advantage you can get. This includes a clearer line for finicky fish, and ease of access. Our bulk fluorocarbon spools come in 500 yard spools from 20 to 60 Lb test. In the next few months we should be releasing some larger LB test fluoro, so keep your eyes peeled on our website. 

+ Perfect For Making Leaders Before You Go Fishing

Our bulk spools of fluorocarbon are perfect for making leaders before you go fishing. Success comes when luck meets preparation. Our bulk spools are perfect to store in your garage, fishing closet, or cabin for prepping. Before going fishing make pre-made leaders and store them in either ziplock bags marked with a sharpie or a fishing yo-yo with similar markings. When the bite is going off you definitely do not want to be rigging. Have several size fluorocarbon leaders ready to go with different size hooks. There is no such thing as being to ready. 

+ Why Fluorocarbon Works

+ It Is Virtually Invisible

Fluorocarbon is super dense when compared to monofilament which means that light waves traveling through the water pass through it very quickly. This leads to a kind of optical illusion where it seems like it is not even there. This is why you tend to get more strikes when fishing fluorocarbon. 

+ It Is More Abrasion Resistant Than Mono

Fluoro’s density also makes it more abrasion resistant and therefore great for leader material. Some people claim that even if fluorocarbon was not virtually invisible they would still use it just for the abrasion resistance

Buying Fishing Line In Bulk

Buying Fishing Line In Bulk

5 Reasons To Buy Your Fishing Line In  Bulk  - This article talks about the advantages to buying you line in bulk, and why you will save both time, and money, and ultimately spend more time fishing when you buy your fishing line online.  Buying bulk lines brand direct is definitely the way to go if you are a serious fisherman and are ready to go fishing at a moments notice.  

10 Reasons Why We Are The Best Fishing Line To Buy Online - This article covers all of the advantages you have when buying your fishing line at These include shipping deals, brand direct savings, easy ways to figure out how much line you need for your reel etc. If you are new to our website, this is a great article to check out to understand all that our website has to offer you. After reading this article we would love to here some of your suggestions on how to improve your experience.  E-mail us at

Buy Bulk Monofilament Fishing LineThis link takes you directly to a page where you can look at our selection of bulk monofilament fishing line.  Note that we do not carry 1/4Lb spools because we believe these are better bought from other brands and in tackle stores. Our monofilament is available from 12LB Test - 1000Lb test. Most of our monofilament lines are available in four colors (clear, blue, pink, yellow, and blue). 

Buy Bulk Braided Fishing LineThis link takes you directly to a page where you can look at our selection of bulk braided fishing lines.  Note that we do not usually carry spools below 500 yards because we believe that those are best bought from other brands and in tackle stores. We carry braid from 20Lb test all the way up to 200Lb test, most braids are available in green and yellow. 

Tips For Buying Fishing Line

Why Buying Fluorocarbon In Bulk Helps You Spend More Time Fishing - This article is about the benefits of buying fluoro in bulk, which include landing more fish and being more prepared, ultimately spending more time fishing. It covers preparation for tournaments, getting ready for the season etc.  

Use Hollow Core Braid To Have A Knotless Connection - This is a link to a page for intermediate to advanced fishermen to buy hollow core braid for a seamless connection. Hollow core braid can be used for braided backing or to make wind-on leaders for trolling, swordfishing, and jigging.  

Use Fluorocarbon To Get Bites From Finicky Fish - This is a link to our selection of fluorocarbon fishing lines. We have a good selection of both 50 yard, and 500 yard spools available in clear from 20Lb test all the way up to 130Lb test. 

Use Grander Leader Coils To Make Leaders For Big Game Fishing - This is a link to our selection of heavy mono for making big game leaders. Our Grander Leaders are available from 300Lb all the way up to 1000Lb test.  When you arrive at the checkout page, you will find that we point out what crimps you will need for your selected lines.

Use This Tool To Get Line Off Your Reel Fast - This link is to the page where you can find the Bullbuster Line Stripper.  The Bullbuster line stripper is an easy to use tool that when collected to your household drill can make taking line off of your reels up to 10 X faster. Our line stripper has been featured on Youtube as well as Marlin Magazine, and is a favorite tool of many fishermen to get their line off fast!

Use This Tool To Spool Your Reel From Home -  This  is a link to our suction cup spooler, an easy to use tool to spool your reels by yourself, all while keeping the proper tension.  This is an excellent tool for spooling with braid, and can also be used to dispense mono and fluorocarbon for leader material on your boat. 

Use This Tool To Spool Your Line On Your Boat -  This is a link to our rod holder spooler.  It is an easy to use tool to spool your reels well on your boat, and can be used by one person.  This tool works especially well for bulk spools including 5Lb spools of mono and 2500 yard spools of braid. 

Why You Should Use Monofilament Topshot -  This article talks about the benefits of using mono topshot on top of braided backing.  Main benefits include, having to change your lines less often, improved abrasion resistance, and the fact that you will be able to put fresh lines on your reels more rapidly. 

Why Buying Your Braid In Bulk Can Help You Spend More Time Fishing -   This article talks about the time and money you will save by buying your braided line in bulk.  Often times people avoid buying braid because it can be a "big upfront investment. "  The article talks about how this is actually not the case since braid not only lasts longer than mono, but it actually will allow you to use less mono, and that buying braid in bulk can be save you on costs like shipping as well as production, since it is more efficient to produce line in bulk. 

Why You Should Use Braid For Your Go To ReelThis braid is about why you should go with braid instead of mono if you have a go to reel or set of reels.  The main reason  presented in the article, is because braid lasts so much longer and works well for many different styles of fishing.  

Why Getting Bulk Line For Shark Fishing Will Help You Spend More Time On The Sand -  This article talks about how keeping a bulk spool of mono in your man cave or garage can help you spend a lot more time on the sand catching big sharks.  It also increases your chances of catching big sharks because you will be more likely to change your mono topshot after you get some wear and tear on your line. 

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