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Buy A 5Lb Spool Of 200Lb Monofilament Fishing Line

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Buy 5Lb Spools Of 200Lb Test  (1.40mm) 826 Yards

5Lb Spool Of 200Lb Test Clear Monofilament

5Lb spools of monofilament fishing line are great for big game fishermen, charter operations, and landbased shark fishermen. A 5 Lb spool usually gives you enough line to spool several big game reels such as 130's and 80 wides, and to keep a whole set of smaller reels full of fresh line for the season.   5Lb spools also give you some of the best price per yard of line since you are buying your monofilament in bulk. 

What Size Mono Do We Carry In 5Lb Spools?

Below are the sizes of mono that we carry in 5Lb Spools.   

50Lb Test (0.70mm) 4,862 Yards

80Lb Test (0.90 mm) 2,941 Yards

100Lb Test (1.0mm) 2,382 Yards

125Lb Test (1.25 mm) 1,524 Yards

200Lb Test  (1.40mm) 826 Yards

Storing Your 5Lb Spool After First Usage 

If you have spooled line from your 5Lb spool and still have left over line, this line can last for a LONG time if you store it correctly.  Try to keep all UV rays away from your bulk 5Lb spool and if you expect dust to be in the area and you are going to be storing your spool for a while, keep the plastic cover that it comes in to keep the dust off. 

Line Winding Machines For Your 5Lb Spool Of Monofilament

If you are spooling big reels or multiple reels with bulk spools of mono, you may be interested in getting a line winding machine for your garage or man cave. Below is a guide to spooling your reels from home that includes a list of line winding machines. Spooling A Fishing Reel From Home (Scroll Down For The Line Winders).

Even Bigger Bulk Spools Of Mono


If you are looking for HEAVY Mono in bulk spools we also carry a 22Lb spool of mono.  We carry this in 150Lb, 200Lb, 300Lb, 600Lb, and 1000Lb test.  Below is a picture of this immense spool. This is a great spool for leader manufacturers and big game fishermen. 


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