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Buy 2.20MM Fishing Lines

Author: Bullbuster Team

2.20 mm Fishing Lines Are 500Lb Test Monofilament

We carry 2.20 mm fishing lines in 100 yd and 200 yd coils. We also carry matching crimp sleeves for this line.  

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Coils Of 500 Lb Monofilament Leader Material

We carry 100 yard and 200 yard coils of clear 500 Lb leader material.  

Diameter Of Our 500 Lb Monofilament

Our clear 500 Lb Leader Material is 2.20 mm in diameter. 

What Size Crimps Do You Need For Our 500 Lb Monofilament Fishing Line?

On we have crimp sleeves specifically designed for each mono size.  Check out (Why You Will Order The Wrong Crimp Sleeve Again)

Find Out The Inspiration For The Grander Leader Label 

Find out what grander leaders are all about. (FIND OUT NOW!)

Want To Know What You Can Use Leader Coils For?

Find out what the best applications for leader coils are. 

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