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Bulk Fishing Strings

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Looking For Bulk Fishing Strings For A Project?

We are a manufacturer of a few different types of fishing strings. We make monofilament fishing line, and braided fishing line.  Each type of fishing string has its own quality that make it better for different types of projects. 

Monofilament Fishing String

Monofilament Fishing String

Monofilament fishing string is made of a plastic and is pretty strong when you try to rub it against something its not going to break.  We carry this fishing string in spools and in coils. The coils are heavier lines.  The string is rated by a Lb test. This Lb test means the strength that it will break at.  

LB Tests Of Monofilament Fishing String :  

12-200Lb Monofilament Fishing String

At these sizes you will be able to tie good knots. 

150Lb - 1000Lb Monofilament Fishing String

Heavy Fishing String

At these sizes you will probably want to use a crimp sleeve to secure this string. We carry these in coils instead of spools.  If you need a lot of this type of fishing string we also have 22Lb spools of this type. 

Braided Fishing String

Braided fishing string is made of fibers that are woven together. This fishing string has very little stretch when compared to monofilament fishing string. 

Braided Fishing String

20-200Lb Braided Fishing String

The braided fishing string we carry on comes in two types. 

1) 4 strand - All of our braids 40Lb test and under have 4 strands of fiber woven in them  which gives them extra abrasion resistance. 

2) 8 Strand - All of our braids 50Lb test and over have 8 strands. This is because having  8 strands makes these braids better and smoother for casting. 

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