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Building/Importance Of A Bridge Net

Author: Arvids Gerulis

How To Construct Your Own Bridge Net And Why It Is Important To have One

To begin first you will need an fishing net you are willing to use, rope, and a floater if you want. First you have the net portion that can be put back together with a screw. Drill a small hole threw both net ends and began to form a circle. Once you have the shape you desire put the screw in and tighten the screw with a nut to hold it's shape. If you want your net to sink add sand inside the metal net holes or add sinkers to the net and tie them off with fishing line. Next take the rope and cut about a 5 foot piece. Tie the rope to the net on 3 sides to form a triangle with the rope. Finally attach the main rope to the other rope and slide a float if you like and you are finished. Having a Bridge or Pier Net is Important because it allows you to land a big fish more effectively and easily instead of reeling a big fish in from a high place. Also it protects the fish and prevents a broken jaw of a big fish and is better for you and the fish.

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