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Building/Importance Of A Bait Pen

Author: Arvids Gerulis

How To Build A Bait Pen And Why It Is Good To Have One! 

A Bait Pen is a great way to keep bait for upcoming Fishing Tournaments or just for convenience when going fishing and you need bait. Building a Bait Pen is fairly easy, cheap, fast, and effective to keep your bait lively.

To build a Bait Pen you will need plastic mesh fencing if building a mesh style pen or a large barrel. You will also need zip ties or you can use monofilament fishing line, rope, and either a pool noodles or 2 buoys. If you are building a mesh style pen these are the steps, first you cut a circle from a portion of mesh to form bottom. Next you want to use another portion of mesh to create a cylinder shape and zip tie the ends to hold it's shape. Then you zip tie the bottom portion to the cylinder zip tying about every 4 inches. To create the top simply cut another circle of mesh to fit the top and zip tie it the same as the bottom. Next cut the pool noodles to the size of your pen to tie on both sides using rope to act as a floatation for your pen. If you are building a barrel style pen, simply drill holes all over the barrel about 4 inches apart including the bottom with a 1 inch drill bit. Attach the buoys the same as the other pen and you are finished.

Be sure to remember, that you can customize the pen however you want to fit your needs and your bait.

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