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Building Your Dream Boat Part II

Author: Colby Uva

Build Your Dream Boat Part II (Installing Windows/ Portholes/ Portlights)

In part I we talked about building a mothership to travel the world in.  It was a general article on the concept of the mothership and the different components of getting one started up.  The types of boats that could be used, inspiration for how the interior could be altered etc.  In this part I want to get into making it yours.  So what is this whole Spend More Time Fishing about?  Its about setting out to make your dreams happen.  

So here goes. 

We start with cutting a ship open.  Why?  Because it goes to show you can do any god damn thing you want.  You just need to make it happen. It ain't going to be easy and during the process you are going to feel well overwhelmed, swamped in the details, you are going to have to switch up your plan, but never your goal. Damn what they say is realistic, you create your reality. 


So above thanks to youtuber "kroma25" we now know you can cut a ship in half, weld it back together and put thousands of people on it.  I think we can make a window. 

I got a little help on the inspiration for the interior. Here is the beginning of what the "Olivia" is going to look like. 

I often say man is a simple machine, we have the vision, but boy do we need a lot of help filling in the picture with color. 

Apparently this guy's man cave isn't guna cut it.  (Dude I think your man cave is awesome).

There needs to be light for a well functioning mothership. Ok let there be light. 

How Does This Lighting Happen?

Well lets start simple. Replacing an existing porthole in a fiberglass boat with existing portholes. 

This video was posted by Youtuber: "ProjectInfinito"

Below is a project that is a little bit more luxurious, maybe not as well produced (on the video side) but excellent results). Video by Youtuber "Stephen Chadd"

Installing Frameless Portlights

Below is a video specifically about installing port-lights. This video put together by Youtube Channel "Boatworks Today" is well produced and goes into great detail. 

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