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Build Land/Pier Shark Fishing Leader

Author: Chester Gamble

Making Shark Leaders For Fishing From A Pier

What up Fishing Family!  So today I want to show you how we make our leaders using 1000lbs Bullbuster leader material.  

How Long Should I Make The Mono Portion Of My Shark Leader?

Often I get the questions of "How long does it need to be?".  Honestly as long as you follow these simple rules you cant go wrong.  I like the steal to be as long as the shark I am trying to catch.  That is why I like 15 feet.  For leader material.  I measure from the pier how many feet to the water. This will let you know how many feet to combine leader/steal to ensure you can get a grip on the leader and not the fishing line.  If you do not have it long enough.  You will find out line can cut or burn the snot out of you. When fishing from the shore I do at least 10 feet of leader. When running braid line.  The large mono give it an extra shock for a good hook set.

 Things you will need to make your shark leaders: 

1) 10 Gauge 7 Strand Wire ( 15 feet)

2) A Large Circle Hook (We Like 16/0 - 20/0 Size)

3) Terminal Tackle ( 2 Large Swivels, 4 1/8 Crimps, and 2 3/32 Crimps)

4) Black Electric Tape

Don't go cheap on your tape.  When available I have also used heat shrink.

Black Electric Tape

5) 1000Lb Leader Material (15-20 Feet)

Instructions For Making Your Pier Shark Leaders

Once you have everything in front of you cut and ready to go. 

Step 1) Add A Swivel To Your Mono To Connect It To Your Cable

Take out your 1000lbs Bullbuster leader material, LG crimps and swivels. Make sure you put all 4 crimps on the leader prior to pinching the first one.  Wouldn't have to say it if my buddy hadn't had to cut his.  On both ends put and swivel and two crimps on each end like so.


Making Shark Leaders

Step 2) Attach Your Cable To Your Mono (Using The Swivel)

Then, attach the cable to one of the swivels.  I like to untwist half the 7 strands about 9 inches.  Then twist back on itself shown in picture below.

Attaching Cable To A Shark  Leader

Step 3) Attach Your Hook To Your Cable

Once done lets get that 16-20/0 hook on.  I like to use two crimps.  See picture below. 

Attaching Your Hook To A Shark Leader

Step 4) Tape All Your Swivel Loops Around Your Cable To Prevent Getting Stuck By The Cable

Last step is going to be to tape up all your swivel and loops. 

Your done!  If you get some Velcro that is used to hold wires together from Walmart.  It will help you keep the leader in good shape and can reuse after each outing.

As always if you have any questions or would like to kayak, shark or surf fish San Diego area hit me up on American Yakers on Facebook.  Just reference Chester Gamble.  Thank you and keep ya lines tight.

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