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Brief Intro About Me And My Fishing

Author: Daniel Drelich

About Me And My Fishing Life

         Hello, fellow fishermen, my name is Daniel Drelich, it’s with great pleasure to announce that I am a new member of the Bullbuster community. I started my career as a fisherman at the age of 3 years old. Particularly I fish for a multitude of different freshwater species such as trophy size Large/Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Musky, Steelhead Trout as well as Salmon. When it comes to saltwater fishing, I tend to target trophy Striped Bass, Gator Bluefish, Summer Flounder or where I am from we like to refer to them as Fluke. It doesn’t just end there, I look forward to fishing for monster Blackfish, Sea Bass, and Porgies. The locations for all of these amazing catches vary tremendously, as some are caught in Erie Pennsylvania as well as New York.

           My passion and the desire for fishing grew as I got older, as my father taught me the stepping stones of fishing. As a young boy, I would stand alongside the grown men in front of the tackle store at 3 AM, barely awake and they would compliment me on my dedication, passion for fishing. With each year that passed, I gained more experience and confidence on the water to later go out on my own and find my own secret spots. Going out into the water on my own taught me a lot, as well as making sure to catch the biggest fish for the day that I can later show to my father and his colleagues. Now, I am more interested in catching trophy fish as this is where my passion lies today.

            Mostly I go out fishing on the East Coast in New Jersey and New York waters. I have a great amount of knowledge and success in finding good quality fish size as I know exactly what to look for in the water. These waters are filled with plenty of great quality size fish, but all depends on the tides location and the moon. In recent years I have really focused on catching a Cow Stripped Bass within the 50 to 60 lbs. range. I fish using heavy structure and always use live bait if it’s available. I tend to use menhaden or as we call them on the East Coast bunker or porgy as my live bait. During my fishing trips, I will do a troll only if I am with friends and family members to get them excited about the trip and to have them catch a fish. In my early stages of fishing, trolling used to be enjoyable. Now that I am more experienced I am hunting and stalking the big catches.

The past few years I have been using Bullbuster mono and fluorocarbon fishing line products in order to catch my big catches of the season. If I am fishing heavy structure, in this case, it would be Blackfish or chunking for Striped Bass, I would use the Bullbuster 60 lbs. fluoro. The reason I use the fluoro line is that it is less likely to get chaffed on the rocks as its durable when it comes in contact with the structure. The perk of using the fluoro line is that it’s invisible in unclear and clear water, which is perfect in tricking the fish. Many individuals will argue that it doesn’t matter what line you use in order to catch fish, but if you are targeting mature trophy size fish it matters as they did not get to the size they are by just having dumb luck.

            Then my second favorite line to use is the Bullbuster mono, I tend to use this line when I have a live bunker as my bait. In this case, I tend to go with the 30 to 40 lbs. Mono line as it is flexible and allows the love bait to move naturally and it is not stiff. Individuals who have used the Bullbuster mono will notice that it has a great amount of stretch before it gives, which allows me to go with a lighter line size during the day. As I am new to the Bullbuster community, I will be posting more articles like this in order to share my experiences on the water and the equipment I use to catch fish with all of you. Hopefully, we can grow together within the fisherman community and target big fish together. TIGHT LINES!

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