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Bridle Your Bait (Best Videos)

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Bridling Live Baits 101 With Youtube Videos

If you are looking to learn how to bridle a bait you've come to the right place. We put some of the best videos on the web together in one place to show you how to bridle your live bait.  Bridling your live bait gives it better swimming action as well as increases your hook up ratio since the your hook will be more fully exposed.  

How To Bridle Small Live Baits With Rubber Bands:  

This posted by Columbia features Cpt. George Poveromo with a great explanation on how to bridle a small live bait using a rubber band. This method is highly effective when fishing big baits from kites. 

How To Bridle Baits Using Wax Thread: 

Some people prefer to bridle their baits using wax thread as a sturdier alternative to rubber bands. This video posted on Youtube by Jeff Pierce shows exactly how to get this done. This method is very effective for pitching to tuna at high speeds when trying to stay ahead of the school or live baiting for swordfish at night, since your baits will be dropped rapidly with a weight. 

How To Bridle Baits For Big Game Fishing:  

This video put together by the IGFA shows how to bridle a  large live baits for big game fishing.  This technique can be used for catching big marlin and tuna offshore, as well as fishing for fish such as amberjacks, grouper, and cubera snapper on offshore wrecks. 

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