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Braided Line & Mono Line Diameter Equivalent

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Braided Line & Mono Line Diameter Equivalent

Below is the approximate braid to mono equivalent, as well as mono to braid.

Please keep in mind that sometimes braid and monofilament lines diameter’s do not match exactly, so figures below are technically estimated equivalents.

Braid                                     Mono

20lbs                                      6lb

30lbs                                      8lbs

40lbs                                      12lbs

50lbs                                      15lbs

65lbs                                      20lbs

80lbs                                      30lbs

100lbs                                    40lbs

130lbs                                    50lbs

200lbs                                    60lbs

Take A Look At The Official Braid To  Monofilament Diameter Guide

Mono                                     Braid

12lbs                                      40lbs

15lbs                                      50lbs

20lbs                                      65lbs

30lbs                                      80lbs

40lbs                                      100lbs

50lbs                                      130lbs

60lbs                                      200lbs

Take A Look At The Official Braid To Monofilament Diameter Guide

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