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Braided Fishing Line Comparison (Solid Core Vs. Hollow Core Braid)

Author: Bullbuster Team

Comparing Solid Core Braid To Hollow Core Braid 

In this article we compare "solid core" braid to hollow core braid.  "Solid Core Braid" is regular braided fishing line. This means that the braided fishing line is woven together to create  a braid and a single line.  Whereas hollow core braid has a hollow center.   

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How Does Hollow Core Braid Work?

In this article we will cover why you would choose one over the other, and compare them. 

Comparing The Connection In Solid Core Vs. Hollow Core Braid

The real reason that you would be choosing solid core vs. hollow core comes down to the way that you connect your monofilament topshot to this line.  

Solid Core Connections: 

With solid core connections (regular braid), you would be tying you line to your monofilament. ( You may be interested in 3 Best Knots For Tying Braid To Monofilament). 

Hollow Core Braided Fishing Line Connections:  

With hollow core you braid to monofilament connection will be through splicing. You will need a special splicing kit to make this happen. Below is a video of splicing hollow core braid "Kona Style". 

Comparing The These Two Types Of Braided Fishing Line

The main difference between these two types of fishing lines, is the construction of the weeve in that solid core braided fishing line is made of a weeve that has a solid center and hollow core is made of a weeve that has a hollow center. On our hollow core braid is the same diameter as our solid core braid, but the strands are different.  Our solid core braid is 4 strands and 8 strands depending on the Lb test, and our hollow core braid is 16 strands.

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