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Braided Fishing Line Comparison

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Braided Line Comparison To Monofilament Fishing Line

When comparing braided fishing line to monofilament fishing line there are three major differences: 

1) Diameter:  Braided fishing lines are much thinner than monofilament fishing line

2) Stretch:  Braided fishing lines have much less stretch than monofilament fishing lines

3) Visibility:  Braided fishing lines are not see through and monofilament fishing lines are not. 

1) Braided Line Comparison On Diameter (Vs. Mono)

Below is a chart that compares braided fishing lines to monofilament fishing line diameters.  This is one of the main differences between braid and monofilament fishing line.  The chart will give you a good way to make spooling decisions when you have a reel that is only rated for monofilament fishing line. 

How To Use This Chart: 

Lets say your reel says that it holds 200 yards of 15Lb monofilament fishing line and you are thinking of upgrading it to some braid so that you can catch bigger fish with the same reel. If you want 200 yards of line, then you know that you can put 200 yards of "Briad" because there is a typo there. 

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2) Braided Line Comparison On Stretch

Braided fishing lines have a lot less stretch than monofilament.  This is both an advantage and a disadvantage.  The advantage is that your reel is a lot more sensitive when it comes to feeling a bite, especially if the bite is really deep. The disadvantage is that the braid is a lot less forgiving on the angler and on the fishes soft mouth since the use of braid puts the heat directly between the fish and the angler.  Whereas monofilament has a lot more stretch. 

3) Braided Line Comparison On Visibility

While braid is not see through at all, monofilament is see through.  Braid is made of fibers that do not let any light through and monofilament is made of plastic that lets light through, even though it may be tinted due to the coloring of the line. 

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