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Braided Downrigger Line

Author: Bullbuster Team

Need Line For Your Downrigger? 

Downrigger That Needs Spooling
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Braided fishing lines make great downrigger lines because they are thin, and strong and CUT through the water.  The next time you spool up your downrigger, forget the old wire line and switch to 200 Lb braided fishing line.  

We carry 200 Lb braided fishing line in three sizes:

200 Lb Braided Fishing Line

500 Yard Spools

1500 Yard Spools

2500 Yard Spools

Choosing The Color Of Your Downrigger Braid

Yellow Braided Fishing Line

We recommend that you use yellow braided lines for your downriggers because it will stand out much more in the water.  This will allow you to navigate it if you hook up on multiple fish at once while slow trolling a downrigger. 

Save 40-50% Off On Your 200Lb Braided Fishing Line

Since there are no middle men, expect to save 40-50% off of retail prices on your 200Lb braided fishing line. Our mission is to help you spend more time fishing, and we hope that we can do by saving you time and money when you order your braid directly from our factory.