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Braid Vs. Mono - How Using Braid Can Help You Spend More Time Fishing

Author: Bullbuster Team

How Using Braid Instead Of Monofilament Can Help You To Fish More

There are lots of differences between braid and mono.  If you made it to our website we can assume you know the basics that braid is woven from fibers, and that modern monofilament is a copolymer of plastics melted out to make one line.  You also probably know that braid has a lot less stretch than mono, and can be thinner for the same strength. Thats not what we are here to talk about today, our mission is to help you spend more time fishing for that we have to say  that braided fishing line is the way to go.  

Braided Fishing Line For Surfcasting

We aren't here to sell you more line than you need, we recommend buying our lines in bulk because we think it is more practical and lets you get on the water faster if you already have it aboard your boat or at your house.  

Braided Fishing Lines For Snook

If you have a reel that you use for pretty much all kinds of fishing.  We recommend then there is not question that braid is the way to go.  From our experience braid last about 10 times longer on your reel than mono. Yea we are a line company and we "not supposed to be telling you these tricks" but  what separates us from the rest of the competitors is that our mission isn't to sell you as much line as possible its to help you spend more time fishing.