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Boynton Beach, FL Dolphin Fishing

Author: Mike Milewski

Targeting dolphin here in south FL can be a ton of fun. There are many different techniques and tactics to make your day successful and keep your lines tight. First and foremost be prepared!! Even if your plan is to troll don’t leave the dock without a bucket of cut bait, trolling lures,   rigged ballyhoo, bonita strips, wide assortment of skirts and pitch bait rods.

Finding these fish can be the hardest part, however once the bite is on having the correct bait will increase your odds of getting multiple dolphin in the box. I like to use the run and gun approach. I am looking for defined weeds lines, rips, birds, debris, or possible temp breaks before I get my spread out.

After I set my spread out and get a bite I hit mark on the GPS, continue moving, and only clearing additional lines if necessary. When this is one dolphin, usually there are multiple.  If you see a few dolphin around the one you have hooked up, I leave that dolphin on the line and start pitching out baits to the others in the area. If no other dolphin are present get the one in the box and circle back to the location where you got the original bite. These fish are always on the move so you have to be as well.

When I come across a pallet, log or any other floating debris I will make a few passes on the troll, but always circle back and throw out some chucks. Just because fish didn’t hit your troll baits does not mean they are not there.

Always keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel. As always thanks bullbuster for your continued support and producing the best line and leader that leads to tournament wins!!! 

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