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Boat Outfitters Tackle Storage

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Boat Outfitters Tackle Storage Systems

I'm the type of person who hates to clean my house, but can spend hours organizing tackle.  I'm not sure what it is, but I have been like that since I was a kid. I would sit in the garage, dump out my tackle box, and start from scratch re-organizing it until it was perfect and ready for what ever fishing situation I could think of. I am a stronger believer that success is when opportunity meets preparation.  My love for preparation led me to put together this article as I drooled over the tackle stations on boat outfitters. 

The Ultimate Tackle Storage Centers For Your Boat

Tackle Storage With A Little Bit Of Everything

This storage center has a bit of everything you can think of and is really well thought out. 

Tackle Storage Center
This tackle storage center can be found and bought at Boat Outfitters.

The Top Containers 

Containers On Tackle Center For center Console Boats

The top portions of the storage center feature large open drawers where it would be easy to put pretty much anything inside. From my standpoint, this is where I would store pre-rigged leaders for different types of fishing in zip lock bags. My ideal setup would be: 

1) Left drawer with pre-rigged kite fishing leaders on yo-yo's ( a mix of fluorocarbon, regular mono, and wire rigs depending on the different conditions). 

  2) The center top compartment would be filled with bottom fishing rigs. 

3) The right top compartment would be filled with pre-made swordfish rigs (my favorite fish) and extra swordfish wind-ons

The Leader Holders

Leader Storage On Tackle Center

Alright so we went ahead and stored a bunch of pre-made rigs in the top components, lets work our way down to the leader material holders.  So there isn't so much real-estate to work with here. We have two wrist skein holders for leaders.  This is where you are going to want to put your fluorocarbon, not just any fluorocarbon (you've got two choices, so make them count). This is where you are going to want to put fluorocarbon that you always want to have on the boat, but don't use too often.  (You can use one of our suction cup line spoolers to put on the outside of the box with 500 yard spool of your most used fluorocarbon, or mono that you go through a TON). 

Plier Holders

Plier Holders For Your Boat

Not a ton of real-estate here again, but hey you should have a pair of pliers on your belt or in your pocket anyways, you don't want to be opening this thing every five seconds. 

Drawers For Plastic Tackle Boxes

Left Side Tackle Box Storage

Bottom Drawer - The bottom drawer is always a good place to put your lead, in this way it puts the least stress on your tackle system.  The left side is where you are going to want to keep your smaller lead, everything from split-shots, to weights for sabikis, all the way to a good assortment of egg-sinkers. 

2nd From Bottom  - This is where you are going to want to keep your terminal tackle (Check Out Our Article On Making Your Terminal Tackle Last Longer).  Here you will want to put your swivels, snap swivels, and crimps, also any rigging sleeves, loop covers, etc. 

3rd From Bottom - This box is where you are going to want to put your assortment of hooks.  This is where you are going to want some 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 live bait J-hooks, and 4/0, 5/0, 6/0, 8/0 circle hooks.  For big game fishing, you may want to also through in a few 10/0, 12/0, 14/0 circle hooks, as well as some big game 9/0, 10/0, 12/0 J-hooks.  If you are pretty hardcore and you can fit it in there drop in a 14/0 J-Hook (why not, you never know when that big mako is going to be chomping on your swordfish).

Top Drawer - This is a good drawer to keep floats, rings, de-hookers, and sabikis. 

Right Side Tackle Box Storage

Bottom Drawer - Again this is where you are going to want your leads to go. Store a few 12 oz, 24 oz, and 32, oz leads in here as well as a few light deep dropping leads.  You may want to line the bottom of this tackle box with a small towel (the type that you would use to wipe your hands in the bathroom) so that you don't bang everything up. 

2nd From The Bottom - This is a good spot to put some grander leader coils and a good pair of crimpers. 

Top Drawer - This is where your choice trolling lures should go, rigged, and ready for action. 

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