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Blue Fish

Author: #TeamDorsal

Blue fish arent that good for eating. They are just a fun fight and make good bait. Some people eat them long as it is the day you catch it and you bleed it out good it can be done. I rather just keep them for the sharks. Many people don't know but blue fish have size regulations and bag limits. Make sure you figure out the laws in your local area before targeting them. When fishing for them I use pompano rigs with cut bait on them such as mullet or bonita. They loves the belly meat the most and it is tough. Fish with a pretty heavy drag so the hook sets quick and doesn't let them swallow it. If they get your mono in their mouth they will cut it fast. They have mouths like piranhas and sharp teeth. Keep the line tight when reeling giving them no slack so they cant turn into your rig and snip it. Once you catch one the best thing you can do is cut him up because they are cannibalistic. They will eat one of their own faster then any other fish. They also tend to school up thick so where there is one there is more. Make sure you are using 30lb bullbuster mono when making your rigs. This mono have proven to be abrasion resistant to their sharp mouths and helps get them in fast. Use a 4 to 5 oz pyramid weight on the bottom of your rig to secure your bait good.  I can't express enough on the fact that you need to watch your fingers around these guys. When they bite you they will lock down and can do serious damage. Use caution when letting kids hold them for a photo session. Tight lines. #TeamDorsal  

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