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Blackbelly Rose Fish In South Florida

Author: Mike Milewski

Broward County Deep Dropping

Blackbelly Rose Fish (Deep Dropping In Broward County)
Blackbelly Rose Fish (Deep Dropping In Broward County)

Everyone headed out to daytime Swordfish off Deerfield/FT Lauderdale know that there are times when the sword-bite does not happen. So, it is important to have a backup plan. Running south to the sword grounds for us ends up being close to a 100 miles round trip for the entire day. So coming home with nothing in the box is definitely not an option.

We will make a few stops along the way on our run down if we see some productive areas to troll or throw some chucks at a weed-line as well. In addition, once we get our Sword bait deployed we will drift out some live baits or dead baits for a passing dolphin. The goal is always to have multiple different options available to make the most out of the day. Or at least that is our Goal!

Now that we have spent the morning and early afternoon either not getting a bite or pulling a hook it is time to wrap up the day and start heading back to the dock. However, we have one more stop to make. That's to grocery shop for dinner!!

On our way back in, we stop at/around the 800ft mark looking for some nice flat bottom to work. Once we find a good spot, I stop for a few minutes to figure out or drift direction and speed. Once that part is figured out I am ready to send my rig down to the bottom and see if we find what we are looking for.

The rig we use is a five hook (circle hook) deep drop rig (300lb BullBuster) that has a snap swivel on the bottom to attach your lead. We also attach a diamond led light to the main line snap swivel as well. As for bait squid will work just fine!!

After your weight hits the bottom, we try our best to keep our line up and down. But you should see a bite within the first minute at most. If we do not see a bite within two minutes, I will pickup everything and find a new location until I find the bite. These fish are truly delicious to eat and will save the day if the box is empty!! 

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