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Big Rigs For Big Baits

Author: The Shark Boys

Shark Rigs For Big Sharks From Land

I'm going to talk about the rigs we use when looking for giant fish with huge baits. 

Shark Rigs For Big Sharks From Land

As the sport grows I see more and more people using rigs that are completely under sized for the fish they are targeting. We base our hook size off of the bait and target species in the area, however our monster shark rigs only come out when theres hammers around or we are using huge baits. 

Materials For Our Big Game Shark Rig

Swivels - We start off with 1500lb swivels. We prefer regular swivels over ball bearing. Ive found that ball bearing swivels tend to get gritty and seize up after being used a few times. 

Shark Rigs For Big Sharks

Mono - That gets double crimped to 750-1000 pound mono. Cut the mono about 25 feet long and double crimp another 1500lb swivel to the other end. 

Wire - Cut about a 12 foot section of number 19 American Fishing Wire and fold it in half. Do a double haywire twist to one of the 1500lb swivels. Twist the two sections together and do another double haywire twist to your hook of choice. 

Hooks - We prefer Mustad Demon 16/0 hooks for our monster rigs. Depending on the size the bait we sometimes add another hook with about 10 inches of wire separating it from the first. This is only if were using long baits like barracuda. Most of the time on the beach we see people using huge hooks on small baits or hooks that are way to small on a ray or similar bait. Using the correct size hook will make the difference between hooking up or feeding the sharks all night with nothing to show for.

Shark Hooks For Big Sharks


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