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Big Reds In Virginia

Author: 3 P's Fishing

Fishing For Redfish On Virginia's Eastern Shore

Virginia's Eastern Shore has some of the biggest Redfish you can catch and some of the best opportunities to catch them are right now in the late spring going in to early summer.  

When You Can Find Them

Beginning around the full moon that falls in either late April or Early May, or when the water temperatures hit the upper 50's, these bulls start filtering in to the Chesapeake Bay starting  with the shoals located at the North Side of the famous Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.  

Where You Can Find Them

Setting up shop at any one of the hot-spots highlighted below, Latimer, Fishermans or Nautilus shoals, is a surefire way to put you on the fish.  Drum are big night time feeders as well so just because you may not be able to get out during the day, don't fret!  A lot of the big feeding frenzies begin with the sun starting to set and continue well into the night.

Hotspots For Redfish In Virginia

What To Look For 

The best tell tale sign that fish are there is to look for a fleet of boats, if they're there, the fish are close by.  Anchor up next to a bank or a drop off and cast out towards the hole with your choice of baits.  

What Bait To Use

Typically these behemoths like to take a variety of offerings such as fresh cut bait (bunker, croaker, sea mullet), blue crab, clams and shrimp.  One thing to keep in mind, however, while in these areas, sharks, rays and skates are prevalent and love the same baits you throw at the drum!  A good bait that tends to be more centered towards drum is fresh blue crab, either live or cut in half.  Tackle wise, you want to use any of these chosen baits on a large 8/0 circle hook with a fishfinder rig with 6-8oz of lead.  I like to use at least 30lb mono with a good sized conventional reel or 50lb braidwith a 5000 sized, or equivalent, spinning reel that can hold a few hundred yards of line. 

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