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Big Redfish

Author: Logan Bergamo

Fishing For Redfish From Sebastien Inlet

Are you planning out your next fishing trip, well come down to the east coast of Florida?

 Make sure you make it a priority to stop by Sebastian Inlet to catch fish of an life time.

Sebastien Inlet Bull Red

 Are you wanting to catch a huge redfish well Sebastian inlet is where to go. It’s also pretty easy. I’ve must of caught 25 plus over slot red fish in the past two months.

How To Catch Redfish From Sebastien Inlet

You can catch redfish multiple different ways. One is live bait such as Pinfish, blue claw crabs, Shrimp, and etc. Today I’m gonna explain how to catch a red fish of an life time on live bait. 

Tackle For Redfish From Sebastien Inlet 

First you are gonna want a 8-10’ rod with some back bone. Secondly you are gonna want a 6000-14000 size reel spooled with 30-65lbs of bull bustersbraid. Thirdly you are gonna want to get some of bullbuster 40lbs fluorocarbon for leader 6ft long with an 4/0 j hook. Then connect your leader to line by FG/Double uni to uni. Once you got your leader attached put an 1oz spilt shot about 1ft above the 4/0 j hook. 

Bait For Redfish From Sebastien Inlet

Once that’s all done pick you choice of live bait (pinfish, live blue claw crabs, shrimp) and cast as far as you can into the current and let it go and wait to you get picked up...... Good luck and keep those lines tight

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