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Best Videos On The Web To Make A DIY Rodholder

Author: Bullbuster Team

How To Make A DIY Rod Holder

We put together all of the best rod holder videos on the web in one place for you because we think a video is worth 10,000 words.  We cover several types of rod holders in this article.  Everything from a simple garage rod rack on a budget with limited tools, to a rod holder you can make if you have access to a full shop.  We also cover rod holders for different applications such as your kayak or truck. 

Make Your Own Rod Holder For Less Than $25.00

We figured that this video would be a great first video for this article on DIY rod holders.  This is a super easy to implement rod holder that anyone can make for their garage.  All you need is wood, a drill bit, and a drill and you are good to go.  Thank you to “Joshua Taylor” for putting this wonderful video together.

If you want to take the video above to the next level, check out how Bullbuster Ambassador The Tree Guy, Stepped It Up a notch and built a sick offshore rod holder.

DIY Rod Holder For Big Game Reels

Make A Rod Holder Using PVC Pipes

This video  put together by “Fish n Disabled” shows you how to make a PVC pipe rod holder.   

In this video "Danielle Copeland" puts together a pretty super simple and inexpensive rod holder for her garage. She has a pretty sick shop set up, but you can do the same project with less tools. 

How To Make A Rod Holder For Your Kayak

This is a great video put together by “MDLR Fishing” shows you how to make your own rod holder for your kayak. It is a pretty complex design but it comes out really nice! 

How To Make A Rod Holder For Your Truck 

This rod holder is a great addition to your truck and will prevent your rods from getting all dinged up.  Check out this video posted by Felipe Carrion to show you how its done. 

How To Make Professional Rod Holder

This project  posted by "Eric Lindberg" requires more tools than the ones above, but the final product reflects the extra effort. If you have a shop class in your school, this is a project worth pursuing.  If you have your own workshop, we know you've already made one of these suckers, so send us your version to and we will post it up for you on this article.

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